Scooter Rally

This is always an exciting weekend in Cleethorpes. Thousands of scooter enthusiasts arrived, ready to party the weekend away! Again, it was another busy time for Adelaide Guest House (but hey, we love the hustle-bustle). Many events took place throughout the weekend for the scooter enthusiasts. Beachcomber hosted entertainment until the early hours too. Luckily the guest house is far enough out of earshot, so our visitors still got their beauty sleep!

On the Sunday, we managed to get down to the seafront to watch the spectacular ‘rideout’. With around 3000 people taking part, it was fantastic to see. We would highly recommend it to all of our guests! There was such a sense of community spirit too, lots of locals were there.

Next year brings the 20th anniversary of the Cleethorpes Scooter Rally. If you don’t fancy camping at the Meridian Park, or just plan on visiting for the weekend, get in touch. We are happy to show you the best place to be for the final ‘rideout’ too. The view was truly amazing!

Bob and Pam.

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